The Benefits of Pruning Trees in Winter

Winter is a great time to prune, contain or rejuvenate overgrown shrubs and trees. Without foliage in the way, the shape and structure of the tree are more visible, making it easier to detect and remove sick or dead branches. Pruning during dormancy, also known as “idle pruning”, has several benefits for both trees and homeowners. It makes trees safer and can also rejuvenate weaker trees by removing dead and diseased wood.

Tree contractors are more likely to quote a cheaper price for tree removal or pruning during this time of year due to the lack of work. Any branches cut during the winter will be able to recover quickly in spring with new growth, minimizing the amount of time spent looking at a plant that looks like a bunch of sticks after rejuvenation pruning. Trees can heal from pruning cuts before warmer weather causes destructive insects and pathogens. Trees that bloom in early spring will bloom on branches that developed buds before winter came.

The fact that the tree is idle is an added bonus, as tree contractors see it as an easier job and are more likely to quote it a cheaper price. If you have a Viburnum on your property, knowing the characteristics, threats and life cycle of the Viburnum leaf beetle can help protect your tree from infection. While winter is a good time to prune, that doesn't mean that pruning during spring and summer isn't good for trees. The price depends on the size, location and needs of your specific tree, not necessarily the time of year.

The sooner a tree or stump is removed, the sooner the following steps can be taken to prepare the area for further planting. Using the latest technology, Wachtel Tree Science can remove almost any tree safely and efficiently. There is very little work for tree removal services during winter, so they reduce their prices in an attempt to earn more work. Winter is an ideal time for pruning trees and shrubs as it allows them to recover quickly in spring with new growth.

It also makes it easier for certified arborists to cut and handle branches due to their leafless and lighter state. Pruning during dormancy has several benefits for both trees and homeowners, making it a great time to call a tree contractor.