When is the Best Time to Cut Down a Tree?

Cutting down a tree or stump can be done at any time of the year, but the best season to do it is during winter. This is because trees are dormant during this time, making it easier and cheaper to remove them. You may need to cut down trees during other times of the year depending on certain factors. Trees that can be cut down from the base are much more cost-effective than those that require a climber or cherry picker to remove.

It's like booking a hotel: you get attractive discounts out of season, and during winter you can expect to get a 20% to 30% discount on the cost of tree removal. February and March have been statistically the cheapest months for tree removal, also known as “dormant season for trees”. If your tree has a less serious problem, one of the best times to remove them is during the dormant season, between late winter and early spring.

Tree companies are usually busiest during the high season, so you may have to pay more to cut down trees. However, if you plan ahead and book in advance, you can still get a good deal.

Overall, winter is the best time to cut down trees as they are dormant and it is cheaper than other times of the year. It is important to consider all factors before deciding when to remove a tree, such as the size of the tree, its location, and any potential hazards.