The Art of Tree Felling: A Comprehensive Guide

Logging is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the logging task. The person who cuts down the trees is a feller. A feller buncher is a machine capable of cutting down a single large tree or grouping and cutting several small ones simultaneously. In manual felling, an ax, saw or chainsaw is used to cut down a tree, followed by brushcutter and cutting in traditional applications.

In the modern commercial timber industry, logging is often followed by delimbing and trawling. Wood left uncut during the felling process is called “hinge wood”. It is formed by cutting a notch and using a back cut to free the wood behind the notch. The purpose of the hinge wood is to provide control during the arc of the fall. This control is only available while the hinge is intact and operating. Many things can work against the wood of the hinge and cause it to break prematurely, resulting in a loss of control of a falling tree. Some other things that cause hinge failure are lateral tilt, hinge too thick, wood fiber decay, deviation and uneven hinge wood, all of which I will discuss later in the series. I haven't met anyone who felling trees who wants to lose control of a tree.

Essentially, cutting down trees is the action of cutting down a tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve safety in the area. If not carried out properly, tree felling can be very dangerous; therefore, this type of work should be done by a tree care specialist who will plan the task meticulously, taking into account any potential hazards or risks. As such, it is worth researching your rights and hiring the expertise of a professional tree care company before taking any action yourself. Inexperienced tree cutters should never attempt to cut down trees that are decaying or rotten inside or that are tilted or under tension.

The two-man tree-cutting band very carefully cut the tree trunk by the trunk and lowered the cutting lengths to ground level without any damage whatsoever to the surrounding obstacles. The undercut or notch is the guiding or aiming groove for the shaft and is a V-shaped notch placed on the side of the shaft in the intended fall direction. It is worth noting that if the tree is protected by a conservation order or is located in a conservation area, work such as cutting, cutting, cutting and uprooting cannot be carried out on the tree. In this series, I will expand a five-step tree felling planning process that allows anyone who is cutting down trees to maintain control of the trees they are cutting down and also be as safe as possible during any tree cutting process.

The felling of trees takes place for thousands of years because trees have provided the resources necessary for the survival of mankind. If not contained, disease can spread to other types of trees that can see an entire species descend to extinction. If your tree has a less serious problem, one of the best times to remove them is during the dormant season, between late winter and early spring. Subsidence and structural damage can sometimes be related to tree root growth, which can affect the foundation and drainage of a building, particularly if an inappropriate tree species has been planted too close to a building.

We had to wait about a month for the work to be completed, as they were very busy, but the boys came, shaped the tree beautifully and cleaned up the area afterwards. To portray the location of this multi-trunked coniferous tree, it had been planted as an ornament in a rockery, but over the years it had grown into a very large ten-trunked tree. If you suspect that logging will affect a power line near your property, call your local power company before attempting any work on your own. In such cases, it's usually best to hire an experienced professional who can safely remove any hazardous trees.

And when it comes to maintaining control over your felled trees, it's important to remember that you must allow your hinge wood to function properly throughout its arc of fall. This means that you must ensure that your undercut or notch is properly placed on your trunk so that it guides your shaft in its intended direction.

Tree felling may seem like an intimidating task at first glance; however, with proper planning and execution it can be done safely and efficiently with minimal risk involved. By following these steps you can ensure that you are able to maintain control over your falling trees while also keeping yourself safe from potential hazards.